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      We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a ‘Civil Contractor’ & Premium Applicator of Asian Paints Products & we are an experienced construction/Civil repairs/painting Company with more than 15 years experience in similar fields. We have well trained staff and skilled labor force and assure you of quality job for the repairs. We also done many works in Mira Road viz. Silver Park, Shanti Park, Shanti Nagar, Sheetal Nagar etc

      GOLUL ENTERPRISES is in to Consulting for Repairs and Rehabilitation of Buildings. As having a team of qualified Engineers (Licensed Structural Engineers & Architect etc), we provide full proof solution in an economical manner. We have range of skilled Engineers & Technicians to tackle the source of defects & Leakages. : Inspection Reports Procedures: Our dedicated team of technicians/ Engineers will survey the building from inside/ outside to analysis the followings in unbelievable charges. Causes of detoriation in terms of: Structural distress, External wall leakages, Inter flat leakages due to defective waterproofing, Drainage/ Plumbing line leakage, Terrace waterproofing, balcony waterproofing. After completion of inspection we submit a detail audit report which consists of: General information of Building (Such as construction history, RCC design etc), Observed defects & symptoms (Waterproofing, Structural members etc.,), Conclusions and Recommendations (Which specify the areas to be Repaired), Defectual locations (Each and every flat with the defective location), Causes of detoriation (Reason for Detoriation), Bill of quantities (Budgeting, Quantity, Methodology)
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